Staying Present, How Social Media Can Help

I know what you’re thinking, “how could Facebook possibly help me be present?” Isn’t social media ruining our relationships with others and sucking away all our time and attention?

I’m not saying it can’t do both of those things, but, like anything, I think when practiced mindfully social media can be a great tool to connect to the present moment as well as those around us.

In the three years I have had an Instagram account I have probably taken 1000s of pictures of food, outfits, friends, pets, flowers, beaches, yoga poses; everyday things. Every time I stop to snap a pic of my breakfast smoothie, or a pretty tree on my walk to class is a moment to practice gratitude for the most ordinary elements of life. I have noticed that most of what I see my friends posting on Facebook and Instagram is what they are grateful for, even if we don’t say it quite in those terms. As I scroll through my feed I see posts about something funny that happened at work, kids scoring goals at soccer practice, babies laughing and taking first steps, dogs and cats napping, sunsets in backyards. All of these represent a moment of happiness in the present, and we see it everyday when we log on. How awesome is it that we are able to connect with friends across the globe through their moment of gratitude?!

I honestly believe that gratitude is the best way to connect to the present. Connecting to the present is our key to TRUE happiness or bliss. 

So keep posting pics of your avocado toast breakfast and strolls in the park, and as you do remember these simple moments are so worth being thankful for.

I know that there is a lot of judgement surrounded taking a picture of your lunch or headstand in the park, I’ve heard many times ” Oh you’re just doing it for the picture”

Well, if taking the picture gets you to the park, then by all means, take the picture! And who knows, you may start a trend or a positive samskara ( the patterns that make up or life).

While I believe social media can be so amazing helping us to stay connected, it is so important to practice the same kindness and compassion we practice in the other areas of our lives. It is a powerful tool, and must be practiced mindfully, without comparison, or judgement.

Love and blessings to all!


The Southern Living Latina